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Respect in Sport (Speak out)

Speak out is required for all people that want to work with the players on the team. This includes all coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, etc.

Referee Clinic

Please note that the officiating clinic is open to all players who will turn 12 yrs. old or older by Dec 31st of the current season.
Parents are welcome to attend the clinic and become a referee for AMHA.

Development 1

Development 1 course allow coaches to coach teams at both the A and C level. A coaching certification is required to be on the bench during a game or on the ice with the players during a practice.

HCSP Safety

Every team is required to have a designated safety person, the teams safety person should be someone that attends all games.
Hockey Canada prefers that someone other than the coaches behind the bench be the designated safety person.
This is perfect way for one of the parents to get involved with the team.

Hybrid Clinic

All parents wanting to coach any initiation team, head coach or assistant coach need to have this course completed. It is a two day commitment over the weekend.


After you have completed your post task you do need to have the Coach Coordinator and the Association President sign your completed post task sheet. This is usually due back to BC Hockey by March 30th - Failure to comply may result in you not receiving your credentials. All Coaching clinics must also be done in conjunction with Respect in Sport - Coaches and a record check.


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